Picture Day

This year we chose a new photographer. If you have a few minutes visit their website to see how this new process works and why we chose them. The process for us will be a bit new. As only individual pictures are taken. Lake Photography uses these individual photos for both team and individual pictures. Each athlete will need a form and will be given a bar-code. Even if they do not wish to purchase anything. This is so each athlete can be “stitched” into the team portrait as well as track any orders.

The form can be downloaded here (Lake Photography Order Form). It is an editable PDF file that you can fill out on your computer, print and bring to the picture day. There will be forms on site. But if you can fill it out digitally it will help the process and make things more legible to the photography studio. We’re really excited to see the final product.

NOTE: Mini mites can come any time between 10am-12pm.